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  2. Let us know how many you’ll be & your name(s)

  3. We’ll then send you the payment request: start at 20,- EUR pp. (depending on event; see upcoming tours)

Once we’ve received your email to reserve your spot, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a payment request. When we’ve received payment, you’re ready to join our next art visit! (FYI: public tours are free for members!)

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Book a tailor-made Private Art Tour!

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  5. Prices start at 280,- EUR for a 2h tour and differ per group size and program!

Choose one of our suggested best Art Tours:

Neukölln/Kreuzberg Gallery Tour: This tour features exciting contemporary art exhibits and emerging artist studio visits in one of Berlin’s hippest and youngest art neighbourhoods.

Mitte “Best Exhibitions” Tour: Mitte is not just Berlin’s center, but also the center for the established contemporary art scene. This tour will feature the top shows from Mitte art galleries.

Schöneberg Gallery Tour: Since the 18th century Schöneberg has been a hotspot for the art scene. In the last few year this neighbourhoods has revived its old glory, and numerous renowned international art galleries have settled here next to new Berlin galleries.

Public Sculpture Art Tour: Take a wander through Potsdamer Platz and unearth some of Berlin’s hidden sculptures and installations. We will learn how public art enhanced the visual results of Potsdamer Platz, taking a look at some of the works commissioned or acquired by Daimler, and also other diverse works in Berlin’s Urban space. We will also learn more about the artists and the historical context out of which their art arose.

Studio Visits: Visiting an artist's private art studio is a unique opportunity to discuss the artist’s work in a personal way, and allows a rare chance to look behind the scenes of the art world.

Cancellation policy:

* Public Tours: if a tour is cancelled less than 24h prior to the tour, we don’t refund your ticket.

* Private Tours: if a tour is cancelled less than 48h prior to the tour, we ask a cancellation fee of min. €50,-. Since group sizes differ, we add an extra €5,- per person to this minimum cancellation fee. If a tour is cancelled less than 24h prior to the tour or on the day of the tour, we don’t refund the tour costs.

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