Featured Artist: Beatriz Morales

WONDERLAND II (Edition of 20), print, 60 x 100 cm, 2019

550 EUR

Beatriz Morales was born and raised in Mexico City to Lebanese/ Mexican ancestry. Morales left her native country in 2001 to pursue an independent career in painting in Berlin. In her artworks she combines an abstract-expressionist approach with conceptual components. Her painting Wonderland II was presented at the Mexican Painting Biennial 2017, followed by participations at Zona Maco 2018, BAR in Beirut (Lb.) 2018 and at Dallas Art Fair 2019, among others. The Merida (Mx.) Museum of Contemporary Art ( MACAY) will show Morales’ work in a 700m2 solo-show opening January 2020.

For Art Tours Berlin the artist has created a special print edition of the Wonderland II.

See also other works: www.beatrizmorales.com

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